Maison De Grand Esprit L'etre Magique Bourgogne

A ruby hued, well balanced red wine from Burgundy. This Pinot Noir blend brings with it a delightful berry led flavor profile. The approachable nature of the wine makes it a versatile partner when pairing with food.


Tasting Notes:

Nose: Enticing small red berries take the lead in the aroma form of red currants, wild cherries and raspberries. Hints of dried flowers and nutmeg punctuate and bring balance to this red berry bonanza.


Palate: As expressed on the nose, bright and berry laden best describes our sumptuous Bourgogne. A hint of preserved orange peel and subtle tannins bring structure to the wonderful fruit driven character of this wine.





Maison De Grand Esprit L'etre Magique Bourgogne

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