Queer Quencher

Whereas Butterfly T-fect might be the more elegant of the two concoctions, Queer Quencher is loud and proud, with the message, “Love is love – own that Sht.” Reminiscent of ABC Juice with an alcoholic kick, Queer Quencher assaults your palate with the complementary notes of apple, beetroot and carrot and goes down with a mouth-watering tangy finish. Best served on ice in a tall glass and garnished with a Japanese cucumber ribbon.


*Available throughout the whole of Pride Month from 1-30 June 2021 only

*10% of all proceeds from sales of GudSht’s Pride Edition cocktails will be donated to Transbefrienders, a peer support service for Transgender youths in Singapore



Floral and sweetgreen perfume



Like A.B.C Juice with a kick! Think of refreshing flavours that energize your tastebuds



Pucker up for a mouth-watering tangy finish

Queer Quencher

  • Alcohol By Volume (ABV) :



    Best Before:

    10 Days Upon Delivery