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The story of GudSht


GUdSHT comes to those who wait

GudSht, a label born out of a pandemic, but determined to deliver a genuine cheer to local folks, with a whimsical approach to the otherwise serious business of mixology & bartending. Our mantra is to provide an avenue to drive warmth and goodwill between friends & family whether distanced not by choice or in physical proximity through our bottled cocktails. And today, instead of only enjoying our bottled cocktails at home, our fans can now celebrate a milestone, unwind after a long day, or drown their sorrows at our physical bar – GudSht @ Cineleisure.

GudSht wants to deliver a warm fuzz to all our consumers, their friends and their friend’s friends – you get the point. Whether it’s a pandemic, a depression, a break-up or a birthday, an anniversary, an excuse for a celebration,


GudSht always comes to those who wait. 

FOLK LEGENDS behind the gudsht(S)


The barf of this mystical creature, consisting of a magical mix of rainbows & stardust, is used as the base essence for this cocktail. Guardian & protector to Rita, our keeper, and splitting time between the depths of the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest in Kyoto & the concrete jungle of Singapore, the creature showcases it's authenticity through this fascinating elixir. 


No unicorns were harmed in this process.

GudSht_Unicorn Barf.png


Rita, our keeper, had a lover called Denver who unfortunately had a penchant for partying in dodgy joints contrary to the homebody nature of Rita. Alas, this union was never meant to be and Rita caught Denver one day being naughty in a bad way, breaking her heart. Her guardian & protector, Unicorn decided to avenge her by delivering a hind kick pow-down to Denver’s nuts to teach him a lesson. The fart of the unicorn combined with the debri of the nuts gave birth to the heart of Keekapow.

No nuts were smashed during this ordeal.

Make love, not war.


Denver was minding his own business one day, nursing a hangover from his weeklong nights of partying when Unicorn, Rita’s guardian & protector barged into his caravan. Unicorn was there with a magical vengeance. It put a spell on Denver, cursing him to a perpetual confused palate, never differentiating life’s wonders like the bitterness of dark chocolate, the sweetness of maple and the crunchy nuttiness of his bag of nuts. Denver, an obsessed foodie, went in despair and spent the rest of his days grinding these ingredients together to develop the right proportion, allowing him a brief sensory overload. The grind became known as Deeznuts.

GudSht_Ritas Marga.png

Rita's marga

The heartbroken Rita went on a solo trip to find herself again in Playa Mazunta, Mexico. In the course of her travels, she bumped into Sangnila Utama, who was a native of Singapore but who moved temporarily to Mexico to help run his grandaunt’s winery there. He also doubled up as a local tour guide and became Rita’s for that trip. Sangnila brought Rita to the agave fields & introduced her to tequila. They started sipping margaritas along the coastline & Rita’s heart slowly but surely mended over the trip. After her return, Rita constantly thought of Sangnila and their times in Playa Mazunta over a drink that became known as her Marga, Rita’s Marga.

Sangrila utama

Sangnila Utama was in love. He never thought he would be, especially when his goal was just to sort out the affairs of the winery for his grandaunt who became too old & fragile to run it. Finally, Sangnila decided to return to his homeland after sorting his sht out and to reopen his grandaunt’s winery there, adapting the species of red & white grapes to fit the characteristics of his beloved Rita – strong yet refreshingly sweet that became the ultimate infusion for the red & white sangria inspired by it’s namesake.

GudSht_Sangrila Utama Red.png
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