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K-drama and K-pop has dominated the world as we know it. Think of BTS, Blackpink and the infamous Squid Game! So, it is only expected for the Korean drinking culture to find itself as a rising trend as well (and we are all enjoying it).

When we think of popular Korean liquors, we think of the iconic green Soju bottle. Soju is a clear, low-alcohol, distilled spirit made from rice and other grains. Although it is usually enjoyed chilled and as a shot in its original form (similar tasting to the familiar vodka), soju comes in an array of tasty and refreshing fruity flavours. GudSht recommends kicking off with a peach soju because it is one our favourite flavours. Don’t be fooled by soju’s low alcohol content. A few shots can give you quite a kick!

As with all drinking cultures, there is an intrinsic way to enjoy soju. We shall call this ‘soju etiquette’.

Soju Etiquette 101:

· Soju is often served chilled

· Upon receiving the bottle, the eldest person pours the first shot

· Always hold the shot glass with both hands

· Never pour your own shot, and always hold the bottle with both hands

· Turn your head away from others, then shoot the first shot

· Fill the empty glasses of whom you are sharing the drink with

· Remember to never take the shot alone. Soju is a communal drink

Now that we have dipped our toes into the proper way of serving and drinking soju, we can open our horizons to other variations of enjoying soju.

The most popular will be Somaek. This is a delicious mix of soju and beer. GudSht recommends a light beer to go along with it, like Singha beer. The best ratio to mixing this will be 3 parts soju to 7 parts beer.

Other enjoyable D.I.Y concoctions will be a Yoghurt Soju Blast (soju and Yakult or Calpis), Soju Melona (soju, Melona popsicle and Sprite) and Soju Jello Shots. The world of soju cocktails is endless. GudSht has done an iconic version of this with our Frooty Booty bottled cocktail.

Since travelling to Korea might be a little overwhelming in the current climate, take a little K-Vacay with GudSht's wide soju selection. Geonbae!


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