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Ain't no party, like a bottled cocktail party!

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Let’s pay homage to our OG cocktail clique

As said by Robert Brault, “Most of us don’t need a psychiatric therapist as much as a friend to be silly with.” Struck by the pandemic, we saw how it affected the morale and mental health of people who we cared much about. GudSht decided to be that friend that you needed, that bottle of comfort and solace that so many are desperate for. Think of us as the shoulder to cry on, the hug you needed and the smile that brightened up your day.

We curate each cocktail to have a character of its own, with a unique back story that tickles the whimsical and child-like side of your psyche. Treat our cocktails as the friend that sticks with you through thick and thin. Our GudSht cocktails is your ride or die clique!

The first member of our OG Clique does not need much of an introduction. Our much-loved Unicorn Barf is the leader of the group. She is everyone’s best friend, the prom queen, the ‘Ms Popular’. Everyone loves her! With an ABV of 15.7%, she knows how to have a good time for sure. She is concocted with Roku gin, rose-yuzu infused syrup, butterfly pea syrup, Campari, peach bitters and a dusting of silver glitter. Expect ‘cool’ notes of mints and plums, leaving trails of glamorous smiles and glittering unicorn farts.

Next up, we have the jock of the clique. You know, the athletically blessed male that exudes 99.99% testosterone. You wouldn’t want to mess with him. Standing at an unbeatable ABV of 26.4%, he definitely packs a punch or two (he might even knock most of you out). He is the friend that you can turn to when trouble comes knocking on your door, but occasionally he is the trouble. He is the physical backup you need when you are faced with an altercation. You should always have Deeznuts in your corner. He is made from all the good stuff-- Jim Beam bourbon, maple syrup, chocolate bitters and walnut bitters. He tastes like a G-ed up version of an Old Fashioned, with long notes of sweet toffee & a hint of what success feels like!

Every posse has the one “Yaaaasssss Queen!” that everyone adores. He is the embodiment of flamboyance and is just a bubble of fabulousness. Rita’s Marga is the fashionable diva of the clique. He is the friend who is always ready to have a spa day of pampering, filled with mani-pedis and massages. He is the friend you go to for both a fashion makeover, and party it up like its 1969. He is a sweetheart made from Sauza Silver tequila, Grand Marnier, lime juice and agave syrup. With an ABV of 21.8%, he will bring you lots of giggles and probable hiccups. He is a more stylish version of a margarita, with short crisp notes of citrus and salt. He will leave you envisioning what your next holiday is going to taste like!

The next member of our OG is clique is Keekapow. They is the gender neutral individual that is so hot they make you question your sexuality (your gender doesn’t matter either!) They has an “innocent” demeanour with an enigmatic and intriguing personality—might be the spice. They has an ABV of 15.9% that makes you feel warm in all the right places. Keekapow is a tasteful mix of Bacardi rum, Midori melon liqueur, spiced pear liqueur, citrus juices and plum bitters. Keekapow’s honeycomb freshness is balanced by notes of dried cinnamon and ginger. You can expect a long-spiced finish that creates fond memories or simply sweet & spicy love-making, when you chill with them.

Finally, let us bid “Hola!” to our astute and most matured sapphic friend, Sangrila Utama. She is the friend that keeps you grounded with the best advice. Some might say she is the wise ol’ lezzy of the clique. She is the friend you go to when you are having relationship problems, the friend that your parents believe is the best influence for you (but, little do they know!) Sangrila Utama stands at a sensible ABV of 9.8%. She is made of Courvoisier cognac, Grand Marnier, Buronga cabernet sauvignon, cinnamon syrup, and fresh fruits. She tastes like the best version of a classical red sangria.

Over time, our OG clique has expanded its arms of friendship and introduced a couple of new faces. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter for the next article where we introduce the new members of GudSht’s cocktail clique.

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