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We Are GudSht

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

More than just bottled cocktails!

In a time not so long ago, 2020 was the year where everyone exclaimed, “Wah I need a drink! I’m going gila being stuck at home during Circuit Breaker!” At ninja speed, we, your neighbourhood bartenders from Elite Bar Solutions, saw the need to shift to freshly made bottled cocktails that can be delivered to your doorstep. We had to bring some sanity and joy to Singaporeans because the nightlife scene, along with its bars and pubs came to an unprecedented halt. As the saying goes, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” From then, GudSht was born.

GudSht prides itself in bringing the whimsical to the serious business of mixology and bartending. Think of magically crafted cocktails without the boujee pretentions. Taste our infamous Unicorn Barf, and you will understand exactly what we mean. We bring together the words -- local, premium quality and affordable. We heard that you wanted more, and we always give our homies what they want! Not bragging, but our bottled cocktails were such a hit that we had to get rooted and open a physical space for our GudSht fam to hang.

Fast forward a year, and we have established two brick-and-mortar spaces where our fam can enjoy gud food, gud drinks and bask in the vibes of our gud mood. Our first space is a collaboration with the amazing people from The Refinery. Located at 115 King George’s Avenue, this space is perfect for family get-togethers. Inspired by the Japanese fusion fare offered by The Refinery, GudSht presents our delicious Cheng Tng Gao, Pink Lemon Barley, Pepper Me Up and Candie Crave cocktails. We saw a need to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones. So, we took a step forward and decided to expand our offerings to an extensive range of alcopop, beers, wines, and spirits. We have brought GudSht as the bottle store to fruition, and it is here to stay!

We were then given a blessed opportunity by the good people behind Cathay Cineleisure, to set our roots even deeper in the heart of Orchard Road. GudSht @ Cineleisure was established in March 2021 as our first standalone store. We wanted to create a space for our fam to kickback after work, or even during work hours for casual meetings. Think of ol’ skool hip hop vibes reflective of the street culture of the area. This resonates in our décor, and lit music being played (awaiting for the day that we finally can!) Our Frooty Booty and Nacho Hombre cocktails were concocted to embody those reminiscent times when Cineleisure was a popular after-school haunt for youths (millennials will know what we’re talking about!) GudSht is bringing a new cool to ol’ skool!

As you step through our doors, you know you have arrived at GudSht. There is an in-your-face bottle wall displaying the wide array of wines and spirits that we offer. Doesn’t matter if you’re a whisky or gin person, we got you! For all you soju and alcopop lovers, we have a specially dedicated fridge. Staying true to our identity of keeping it really Singaporean, you will find our walls embellished with murals from local artists like Howie Kim and Sam Lo; Singapore-esque details like our Lucky Cat greeting you at the door; and of course drinks with local flavours like our Sour Plum Jim Beam Highball Tower. We hear your tummy rumbling! Trust, that we got you covered. Our GudSht wings, “yakitori” skewers, tummy-filling bentos and other delectables are simply to die for.

With every high, there is a low. In 2021, the pandemic brings about constant shifts in the dine-in culture. We often couldn’t eat out and had to only order in. Keeping true to GudSht’s “fight against all odds” spirit, we then lunged ourselves into the online arena. You can now get everything GudSht delivered to your home or office with a click of a mouse. We do islandwide deliveries for food and alcohol at cut-throat prices, always keeping it affordable for you. Whatever our fam wants, GudSht delivers!

GudSht has transformed itself beyond bottled cocktails, into a home and lifestyle space for all things local. As time progresses, we will constantly grow along with it because GudSht always comes to those who wait!

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